34th Judicial District

Hon. Manuel A. Fernandez

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Probation and Parole Community Services

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DISTRICT RESOURCES » Probation and Parole Community Services

St. Bernard Parish Office of Probation and Parole and Community Services

A defendant may be sentenced for a misdemeanor conviction in the district court, the trial judge may choose to suspend the sentence of the defendant and to place the offender under the supervised or unsupervised probation of the St. Bernard Parish Office of Probation and Community Services for a stated period of time. This office performs much a parallel function to the Division of Probation and Parole under the Department of Corrections and Public Safety discussed before for felony convictions. In the case of parish probation the conditions may be more intense than those in

Almost always community service is required. The division monitors community service and reports to the court for other special conditions of probation. This office monitors the performance of those provisions as a condition of their release. If through that monitoring, the office determines that there has been a violation of the probation assigned to that office, the offender may face revocation of his sentence and incarceration to result from the original sentence, continued probation, shock incarceration or the assessment of fines or imprisonment for contempt.

This office is entirely funded by fees derived from the filing from actions in the Clerk of Court's office and on directed reimbursements from a guilty plea or conviction in a case.

The office is located at:

9115 West Judge Perez Dr..
Chalmette, LA 70043

Administrator: Kevin Sensebe

Assistant:   Kristie Dillion

Telephone: (504) 278-7714

Fax: (504) 278-7679