34th Judicial District

Hon. Manuel A. Fernandez

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District Attorney Directory

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District Attorney Directory

The District Attorney initiates and prosecutes all criminal cases in the name of the State of Louisiana within the district and represents the State in post conviction relief cases. Juvenile delinquency hearings, juvenile adjudications and other related proceedings are under his supervision and control. A District Attorney or his designated assistant shall have charge of every criminal prosecution by the state in his district, be the representative of the state before the Grand Jury and be the legal advisor to the Grand Jury. (Louisiana Constitution, Article V 26) He also serves as the Chief Legal Officer for St. Bernard Parish representing the governing authority of the Parish and the many Boards and Commissions in the jurisdiction of the district.

The District Attorney's office is also located in the St. Bernard Parish Courthouse at 1101 West St. Bernard Highway, Chalmette, Louisiana 70043. The District Attorney's mailing address is Post Office Box 947, Chalmette, Louisiana 70044

District Attorney

District Attorney John F. "Jack" Rowley

T: (504) 271-1658

Assistant District Attorneys

Gregory Duhy

Glenn Diaz

Walker Drake - (Appeals)

Richard Gauthier

Darren Roy

Wayne McDougall

Greg Noto





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